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Joe and Tim have a combined 61 years of experience as limb loss survivors; Tim as a Transfemoral (above the knee) amputee and Joe as a Bilateral Transtibial (both legs below the knee) amputee. 

  • Joe Gaetani


Joe Gaetani &

Tim Ploszaj

Joe attended Cheshire High School where he excelled in numerous sports. He competed in the 100, 200, and 4X100 meter sprints. Joe was voted "Most Athletic" his senior year because of all of his accomplishments in basketball, football, and track. After graduation, Joe began working for a construction company rebuilding bridges throughout Connecticut. In 1986, one year after graduation, Joe became a bilateral below-knee amputee after a three ton concrete barrier fell, crushing both of his feet and ankles. Three years later in 1989, Joe started working in the prosthetic and orthotic field as a fabrication technician. The same year, he competed in his first 200 meter sprint competition wearing prosthetic devices specifically made for walking and placed first. After his first competition as an amputee, Joe decided to push himself even more due to his love of sports and overwhelming competitive spirit. He went on the complete a 25 mile bicycle race in Ohio sponsored by the US Disabled Sports Organization. Joe continued to compete in 100 and 200 meter sprinting events at regional and international track competitions. 

Joe, along with Springlite Inc. in Salt Lake City, UT, developed a specially designed lower leg component specifically used for sprinting. This special component was fabricated of lite-weight carbon fiber composite materials which was cutting edge technology for amputee sprinters. With Joe's prior sprinting experience and extensive prosthetic fabrication skills, he designed a below-knee inner socket and outer frame configuration that addresses the forces that a lower limb amputee sprinter is often challenged with. 

In 1992 Joe went to Barcelona, Spain to compete in the Paralympics in the 100 and 200 and 4X100 meter events. He received GOLD metals in the 100 and 200 meter events and SILVER in the 4X100 meter event.

Joe is dedicated to helping amputees live their lives to the fullest. Whatever you want to do--Joe can help you get there.

  • Tim Ploszaj

Tim has always been extremely active, playing soccer and basketball during his high school career. After high school, he played soccer at Bob Jones University where he graduated with an Applied Studies Degree. After graduation, Tim returned to Connecticut to work for his family's construction business. At the age of 25, Tim became an amputee as a result of a water skiing accident. Being the athlete he is, he didn't let an amputation stop him from playing sports; he represented team USA in the 1992 Paralympics in Volleyball.

Coming from a family of home builders, he continued the tradition as a third generation builder when he became a hands-on business owner. He works on many aspects of the building process including excavation, concrete, framing, roofing, siding, carpentry, wood and tile floors. As someone who has always had a love of sports, Tim learned to ski and snowboard and eventually became a certified ski instructor around age 30. During his 30's and 40's, he enjoyed snowboarding, cycling, golfing, and working out at the gym. Twenty-five years after his accident Tim decided to go back on the water and took up wake boarding. A year later Tim took his passion for fitness to the next level, along with his youngest son, and became a certified fitness trainer. This past year he took up windsurfing. 

As the co-owner of Pro Med, Tim's passion is to help other people excel at whatever they desire.

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